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5 Things I envy of single couples

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I was not the type of person who believe that my neighbor has less problems that I do and I never compared myself to other people but since I became a mother… everything changed. I have surprised myself -more often than I would like to reckon- comparing my current life with my life as a woman without a baby… and my dear single people, I’m sorry to say this but I DO ENVY YOU.

  1. I envy you because you can have a shower/bath whenever you want and for as long as you want.
  2. I envy you because your clothes don’t smell like milk, baby food, crackers, snot or poo.
  3. I envy you because you don’t need to start a massive logistic operation every time you want to: go to movies, go on holiday, go to the supermarket or just go to the toilet alone.
  4. I envy you because you don’t have to deal with your family and your partner’s telling you how to do your parenting.
  5. I envy you because when you complain of a late night you meant that you  either went out with friends, drank and danced until the sunrise or you stayed at your sex-buddy’s place to have lots of laud and kinky sex. On top of that you rub in my face that you will have an early night to recover 🙁

Come on guys! Please show some mercy to this poor woman who hasn’t done any of these things in nearly two years! And please don’t get me wrong, I do love my family but sometimes being a full time mother is just too much for my poor soul 🙂

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