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5 Wonderful things my baby has taught me

Some of my real-world-friends (I mean those friends who are not only 2.0 friends) have hinted in their e-mails that I should write a “pink and happy” post about my motherhood. They want to read the euphoric woman who can´t stop looking at her baby,  making videos of every single movement of her little darling, picturing her sweet face and calling her with loving names.  Yes, I know… being cheesy is not part of my personality but I reckon that even I have my cheesy moments so here I come with all my sweet power writing this top 5 wonderful things I have learned so far from my baby girl and you have to think that she is only 3 months old now…what´s going to happen to me in a year?

Taken from the Internet with no given author.

Taken from the Internet with no given author.

  1. Spending a couple of hours away from her really hurts me:  I have discover “The” real unconditional pure love.
  2. I don´t want to miss out any of her every-day achievements: If I don´t enjoy the present I will no be able to make a better future.
  3. All my personal and professional goals seems insignificant next to being a mother: My life does make sense now thanks to her.
  4. Every new challenge we face together is an opportunity for change: I´m not perfect and it´s fine to make mistakes. It´s easier now to forgive myself and others when we fail.
  5. Make things as scheduled is not always possible and it´s not the end of the world:  I can finally enjoy going with the flow.

Well, this is all for today. I hope you have enjoyed reading my cheesy mom side.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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