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Becoming Hungarian

Five long years have passed since I first arrived to live in Hungary. In this time so many important things have happened to me that it would be impossible trying to summarize them all. I got married here to a fantastic Hungarian man, I have a 75% Hungarian daughter and I have become a little more Hungarian myself than I was before. The cultural shock is gone, I have embraced the culture in which I live and I have assimilated into the Hungarian culture. Now I truly feel like I am becoming Hungarian.

Becoming something you were not before can be a little scary. Sometimes I have caught myself doing something “super Hungarian”, thinking and even dreaming in Hungarian without any kind of subtitles or translation.  I have include some local ingredients in my own cooking and made mine Hungarian language expressions only because I find them so incredible witty.  Proud to be HungarianI have took the time to read more about the history of the country, its people´s mysterious roots, its enigmatic language. I have made budget for trying its wines and travel to see its landscapes. I have spend hours reading their classics and trying to understand better the Hungarian conception of joy and pain. I have done my best to understand better the country my grandparents left so many years ago and without trying I have fell in love with Hungary, the country what have gave me so much.

No doubt it is hard to be an expat. It is hard to make your way when you don´t have any friends, when your name means nothing to everyone, when you don´t speak the language and you have to start over. However, if you are humble enough to learn what new places and new people may have to teach you and you keep up the right actitud the efforts will pay off. I am proud to be half Venezuelan, half Hungarian, proud to fluent in Hungarian and learn something new everyday. I feel myself a little bit more Hungarian every week, every month and I am looking forward to hold my daughter´s hand in her own multicultural journey.

When was the cultural shock gone for you? What things have you embraced from the country you are living in?

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2 Responses
  • Sandra
    enero 19, 2015

    Great article as always. Glad you are feeling home and you are so open minded with this country. I am sure you now more about this country already than some native 🙂
    Thank you for being my friend.

    • madrexilio
      enero 21, 2015

      It thanks time Sandra! A lot of time and you have to open for the change, but nothing is impossible.

      Thank you for your friendship 🙂

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