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Budapest Zoo with a baby

When I was a little girl my mom worked for a while in one of the biggest Zoo Parks at my home town: Caracas. Don’t ask me what was she doing there because I don’t know. I mean, I know she is not a vet either a biologist but I know she was a sort of Green-peace activist and I guess she was doing some kind of part-time charity job there besides her normal job. My brother and I came sometimes with her and hanged around on our own while she was doing her stuff.  I remember there was a carer who took us with him to feed the elephants and the small monkeys. I remember as well that the elephants actually remembered us after a few visits and I remember us being excited because we could come close to some of the animals and even touch them. However, I remember as well feeling a bit sorry for the animals and guilty for left them alone or for not visiting them more often. Time went by, I grew up, I learn about the sadness of having animals in captivity and I don´t like Zoo Parks anymore.

zoo collage 1

When we were expecting our daughter my husband and I discuss the Zoo topic (when to take her or not to take her at all) and it turned out that he doesn’t like Zoo Parks either. Visiting the zoo seemed not quite a program for our small family but despite our mixed feelings about looking at animals in captivity, somehow we ended up visiting it last week and we really had fun. So it is a good idea to vistit the Budapest Zoo with a baby? Well, I thiink the answer is yes, why not? For sure this wouldn’t have happened without my younger brother who was here to visit us from Venezuela and my sister-in-low who happened to have a day off last week. Thanks to them we decided to go all together to visit the zoo and enjoy the little baby girl happy expressions when she saw the animals in real life for the first time.

PicMonkey Collage

I must say that if you come to visit Budapest and you or your kids do like gardens and animals you must come to visit the Zoo. The entrance fee is rather expensive but the animals are really well looked after, the facilities are in a very good condition, the gardens and lakes are well maintained, the whole experience is worthy.  Some buildings in the facilities (the entrance and the elephant house) were designed by a great architect from the Secession Style , which was the equivalent of Art Nouveau in Hungary and Austria.  You can spend at least half day at the Zoo, visiting the animals and wondering around bring some snacks and enjoy the view.

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