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Easter in Hungary

Here I am with my second post about Hungary and what a better thing to talk about than Easter? I´m sure you are thinking… buuuu boring! Boring? That´s because you have not clue how is celebrated Easter in Hungary.  I am not going to be politically correct this time:  I do believe this tradition is pretty aggressive, male chauvinist, out of fashion.  I have not idea how one day I´m going to explain my point of view to my daugther who will  probably be very fond of it.  Sorry Hungarian mates and family but you know me. And yes, I understand…” this was a fertility ritual to celebrate the arrival of the Spring and to help village people to find a partner”.

Easter eggs

Easter eggs


All right! enough complains from my side. Let´s get crack in the explanation of  the traditional Hungarian Easter´s Festivities (this is not very popular in big cities, thank God!) and then.. Let´s try to see the fun side -because it has its funny part as well- in two videos.

  1. Women (single and young) hand paint eggs before Easter Monday and their mothers prepare food to offer to males who will come to visit.  
  2. Men have to memorize some poems.
  3. On Easter Monday girls get dressed in pretty clothes and wait for the boys to come over.
  4. Once boys arrived girls go out of the house and listen to the poems the boys have learned.
  5. At the end of the poem the boy/s ask: Szabad-e locsolni? Which means something like: May I water you?
  6. Girls normally say yes. After been watered (like a plant) they give one of the eggs they have decorated to the boy they like.
  7. Boys get in the house have something to eat and drink and they carry on visiting other houses.

I must say that there is a modern version of this tradition in which you don´t get watered, you only get the poems and a drop of perfume. Boys don´t get hand painted eggs but a chocolate one.

So what do you thing? See the video and then let me know what your opinion is. Deal?

To see the video click here 

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3 Responses
  • expatsincebirth
    mayo 2, 2013

    I can understand that this tradition is not really reflecting a modern way of life… Have you read Betty’s blogging carnival about spring festivities (from Multilingual Kid Blog)?

    • madrexilio
      mayo 2, 2013

      I haven´t but I´ve put it on my to-do-list right now. I´m trying to catch up with all the blogs I follow and it´s quite a challenge. Thanks a lot for the recommendation and for your visits. I´ve just started reading your blog but I am too tired already. I´m following already. I will read some of your posts tomorrow.
      A big hug!

  • Atti
    marzo 27, 2013

    Although I’m not a huge fan of this tradition, this is still not that cruel, as in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where the tradition is “spanking” the women on Easter Monday in order to keep their health and beauty during the whole next year!

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