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Expat mum in Budapest

Becoming a mother it is one of the most wonderful things can ever happen to a woman. However, it can be one of the most stressful things you have ever done. Why? If you are a mother yourself, you know what I am talking about. If you are not a mother yet, I don’t want to discourage you. If you don’t want to have kids at all you are very welcome to read this post.

I’ll tell you why I belive being a mother sometimes is quite tough…Being a mother is exhausting! You are so busy and engaged with the lovely new human being you just brought to this world that you can’t do anything else but living for her/him. Everything else you thought is important, it is not that important anymore. Being a mother is time consuming, overwhelming, exciting, amazing and call for a lot of patience. You must be very patient with yourself, your partner, the baby and with all that people who believe they must say something on every subject and in every occasion.

Marcee Duggar designs

Marcee Duggar designs

And what about being an expat mum in Budapest? Well, in order to give you some entertainment I’m writing down for you some “remarkable” piece of advises and unwanted (sometimes funny) feedback that I collected this summer in Budapest. I hope you have fun… I’m writing them in Hungarian and in English, so my Hungarian friends will laugh even harder.

About the food…

Hungarian: Mit eszik a gyerek? – Csirkét. – Úristen, ilyen fiatalon?!

English: What’s the baby eating? Chicken. OMG! She is too young! (she was 8 months old)

About going for a walk before 8:00 in the hot summer… 

Hungarian: Nagyon helyes, hogy ilyen korán viszi sétálni a gyereket, nem úgy mint más lusta anyuka!

English: Well done! Taking your baby for a walk early in the morning is the right thing to do! Not like all the other lazy mothers. 

About being bilingual…

Hungarian: De akkor mi lesz az anyanyelve? – Spanyol és magyar. – Kettő?! Lehet valakinek kettő anyanyelve?

English:  -Right…so what´s going to be her mother tongue? -Spanish and Hungarian. -Two? Is it possible to have two mother tongues?

About going out in the summer over 32ºC…

Hungarian: Nagyon meleged van kicsim, ugye? Szegénykém, hogy ilyen melegben kint kell lenned!

English: –It is so hot! Isn´t my little baby? Poor thing that has to be taken out whit this terrible heat!

About people who doesn´t understand that the World has gone multicultural….

Hungarian: Az jó, hogy a feleséged nem magyarul beszél a gyerekhez, mert legalább nem az Ő rossz nyelvtanját tanulja meg.

English: It is good that your wife does not speak Hungarian to the baby girl, so she will not pick her grammar mistakes.

I hope you have had fun! Have a lovely day and enjoy your week! If you want to read another post about Hungarians and babies, ckick here.

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1 Response
  • William
    septiembre 11, 2015

    In my opnion the woman did a great job, lots of other popele would not take care of her even though she is pregnant of six kittens. Mandula was a great mother and now has his reward with a home and an owner who loves her.

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