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Our first time at the playground

Hi there!

Long time not writing in English at all but I have been extremely busy and with too many things to do.  Days seem to have less hours than they used to have before my baby was born but I guess it’s pretty much the same for everyone.  Anyway…I have put myself together and will try to write in English regularly as I used to do a few moths ago.

My baby girl is now seven months and three weeks old and she have made a huge improvement in her motor skills during the last 3 weeks. She is finally able to sit on her own (she has been trying this for a long time), started crawling  and only a few days ago she started trying to stand up while holding her self from chairs, the sofa, our hands, etc. She has totally mesmerized me… I can’t stop taking pictures of her, recording videos and playing with her all the time. I am (like any other mother) completely in love with her smile and my heart is full with joy every time she achieves whatever she is trying to do because I see satisfaction in her eyes.

Picture took it from Flora Dk Pinterest shares.

Picture took it from Flora Dk Pinterest shares.

I don’t want to bore you telling you how much I adore her and how much fun I have with her. If you have kids yourself then you already know what I am talking about 🙂 Yesterday we went to meet a Venezuelan-Hungarian cousin who has just moved to Budapest with her one year and a half old daughter and we really had fun. The weather was very nice, clear and blue sky, warm, sunny and nice fresh breeze. We went to the a park which has as well a playground with entertainment for all ages. My baby daughter was so excited to see so many kids that she was laughing loud, smiling and moving her hands and legs to show her joy. She shown special interest in  older children than her, the pigeons, the sand and the slides. Although I did not allow her to “play” with sand on her own because she is sucking her thumb all the time, I did introduced to her the sensation of sand his her little feet. She giggled and smile in a very cute way but held herself very tied to me as well. I think next time we will play more and I will be more brave to try new games with her.  She is growing up! I love every moment I spent with her and I am so much looking forward to all the moments yet to come!

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2 Responses
  • Madre del siglo xxi
    junio 26, 2013

    Dear friend, the best is yet to come! She is mobile now, and soon she will be walking, crawling into furnitures, talking, and you will find yourself smiling every second! 🙂 enjoy the summertime with your little one! Kisses

    • madrexilio
      junio 29, 2013

      Thank you darling 🙂 She is amazing! We are really having fun with her. Lots of love xx

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