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Going back to work after maternity leave

I have already mentioned in this blog that the maternity leave in Hungary (you can read more about it here) can be taken up to three years. There are, of course, some financial and career disadvantages to take in to account if you decide to take it for so long. Some women need to go back to work after six months because either they cannot afford to stay for longer or they know they may lose their job or current position (even if this is “against the law”). Other women prefer to take the whole 3 years “off” or even decide to have a second child during the their maternity leave.

I feel lucky because the system gives me the chance to stay at home with my baby, the company I work for is really acting according the law so I do not have fear losing my job. Moreover and luckily our family income (and our now nearly nonexistent savings) allowed me to decide for how long I would like to stay at home. However, the clock is ticking and the time to make a decision regarding when go back to work after maternity leave is coming.


My daughter is now 13 months old and even if she is still a baby I can proudly say that she is getting really independent and self confident.  She has started saying a few words, some in “baby language”, some in Hungarian, and a few in Spanish (I will write a separate post about it), she successfully make her needs understood either with gestures or by poking people or pointing what she wants with her fingers. When we go to any of the play groups we use to go during the week she shows interest for interacting with other kids, dance to the music, socialize and she even started to “sing” (in baby language of course). All these signs tell me that she is getting ready to be able to enjoy going to nursery. It may be not the right time yet but we are getting there.

I must say that I am already missing work, being engaged in projects and facing new challenges. The kind of challenges that I used to enjoy so much and made me work extra hours just for the pleasure of sorting things out. I believe now things are not going to be the same, whenever I decide to go back to work I will miss my little girl so badly that I may run home and never work extra hours again, that is why I have enjoy every moment of my maternity leave even if sometimes I feel I am going crazy here 😀

It is going to be really hard to decide when to go back to work after maternity leave but I know that I am not the type of woman who can stay at home and forget about her professional life. Still there are plenty of things to take care of before going back to work, we have to move out, make the new place our cosy nest, find the right Nursery for her and schedule our life around her droping off and picking up timetable. Wish me good luck, it is not going to be an easy decision to make.

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