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Happy Birthday Tata

She decided to leave us seven years ago. She was a wonderful grandmother,  she was not the stereotype one. She could not cook, she did sew very well but she never made conventional clothes for us. She was a painter, an artist, she loved poetry and music, singing, dancing and colors. She was a mess, a little bit of a lair, she was full of dreams and fantasy.

I miss her, I wish she would have decided to stay for longer and meet my husband and my daughter. I know she would have been proud of my choice, I know she would have got on well with my little girl. I believe that the best tribute we can pay to those who are not “here” anymore is to remember them and let the new generations know about them. I do not want her to think that I forgot her birthday (it was yesterday) so I wrote her a letter and I share it with you.


Dear Tata,
I cannot take flowers to your grave (I´m too far away for that) but I do think of you more often than you would think.  I believe you should know that the clothes you used to design 20 years ago are now on fashion and I am very sorry that you didn´t born in a time either in a country which could have appreciated your visionary taste. You might like to know that unicorns are now regular motives in decoration and design, mixing a lot of colors is not considered ugly anymore, people are more free to wear whatever they want, abortion is legal in many countries and women are more free to choose their own destiny without a man. I wanted to let you know that I am writing the story of the women of our family and I miss your stories very much. I promise I will give a flattering version of your portrait, you don´t have to worry about that. You taught me a lot about life, you had a huge impact on who I am now, you are one of the best memories of my childhood. Thank you for have held my hand for so many years, for the colors, for the music, for your wonderful voice singing happy birthday on the phone to me every year. Thank you for being always with me in my memories. I miss you Tata, feliz cumpleaños wherever you are right now. Enjoy the song I posted here for your, I know it was one of your favorites.

Lots of Love,




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  • Anónimo
    mayo 3, 2013

    very touching…

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