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Hungarian cleaning lady

I do understand that there are plenty of women who decided to become full-time mothers /housewives and  they are truly happy with it.  I do respect and admire them. In my case, being at home is K-I-L-L-I-N-G me! I have been on maternity leave now for about six months and although I do enjoy being with my little baby, I do not have time for anything, including getting bored, and that is driving me crazy. You might be wondering “how come she can write a blog if she has time for nothing?”. Well, very easy: I sleep less, I do not do my manicure so often anymore and I am pretty awesome with self-time management.

Despite my boasted good self-time management I couldn’t stop thinking how good would be to have someone coming over to help with domestic tasks once in a while.  I must say that in Latin America is quite  normal to have domestic help, it is affordable and socially accepted. I was brought up with maids coming twice a week and they were not only workers they were part of our family. I mean, nobody would think you are posh because who have someone to come twice a week for cleaning, ironing or polish the furniture.   To be posh you need the domestic employees living at your place and you might need a couple of maids, a cook, a chauffeur and a gardener as well.  To me the idea of having some domestic help is totally normal even if in Europe it is a luxury.

Maid in London

One day I found out what the standard salary for maids in Hungary is, and to be honest, comparing with fares in the rest of Europe is quite cheap. We are talking about EUR 2,50 per hour. So for  EUR 10 I could have my kitchen and windows done which I think is a really good deal. Having this information I worked in a strategy to talk to my husband about hiring a cleaning lady once a month for deep cleaning the kitchen, do the windows and other similar tasks that require a lot of time. And when I say time I mean 3 full hours with not crying interruptions. I need a Hungarian cleaning lady! 🙂

But my husband is European and the son of a cleaning-freak-super-housewife, so of course, he did not take it well. I explained him the benefits: a more rested wife means a less cranky woman at night, I could cook more tasty things for him, he would not have to iron his own shirts neither spending time during the weekend cleaning the windows, etc. His answers were: “We are not rich”, “I don’t think we should do that”, “I will help you on the weekend”, “Don’t worry about cleaning, do what you can and leave the rest to me”.  Yes, I know, he is very sweet but I want him to say: “Yes, let’s hire a cleaning lady” because I thought we could have a piece of mind and more time to spend together so eventually and after many weekends wasted cleaning, he said “yes”.

About a month ago, the cleaning lady was here for half day . She was well recommended by some local friends who said she was the best one they have had so far. She did the oven, the windows, the bathtub, the furniture, etc., but I must say she was not that good. She was slow, lazy and had this weird attitude of “you owe me something” that I could not take. I had to clean everything again after she left and when I paid her she charged more than the agreed fare. So obviously, I did not call her again and I forgot my dream of having domestic help.

The funny thing is that for the last three days this lady has been calling me and hanging up the phone before I can answer it. I do not understand this game… I guess she is trying to tell me: “Why you haven´t called me? I need the money”. It might be another cultural difference but where I come from if you want a job you do your job properly and you don´t leave missed calls because you do not want to spend money in a phone call or text message. What should I do? Call her and explain her why I do not want her to come ever again? I do not think so! Why should it be me the one calling, when she is the one who is offering the service to me?

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