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Loves & Hates about Hungary

If you are an expat and a good observer it is easy to point out cultural differences,  usual behavior of certain nationality and many other things than you would not notice as a local. This time I would like to tell you my loves & hates about Hungary. I hope not to offend any Hungarian fellow. As I always say, these posts are written with love, my grandparents, my husband and my daughter are Hungarians so the last thing I want to do is to hurt anyone from this country.

What I hate:

1. There is no sea in this country. Which means that I never enjoy the summer than much and don´t get good sea food ever. 

2. Not long after moving here I realized that most of citizen have one common behavior issue that makes very difficult living in peace and harmony between each other: a lot of people seem to believe about themselves: “I am the most important person in the world”…. which in Hungarian would be: “Én vagyok a legfontosabb ember a világon”.  From the self-esteem point f view I guess this is a wonderful thing but when it comes to coexisting with them it can be a real problem. This selfish attitude can be translated into:

a. I don´t keep my right when walking in the street or at any other public space because I don´t care if you are faster than me or are in a hurry.

b. I am not giving up my sit to a pregnant woman, old lady/man or anyone with a physical disability because my mom told me  that “I am the most important person in the world”

c. I don´t have patience with anyone but I expect everybody else to be patient with me, after all “I´m the most important person in the world… I hope you can remember that”.

3. Everybody seems to be unhappy and angry. No smiles, no kind manners from people you are not friends with, even if you were already kind to them.

4. The weather fronts are pretty strong here and it makes your bones ache . Suffering from migraines has become normal to me.

5. Taxes are way too high.

6. The difficulty of the language.

keep calm and enjoy Budapest

What I Love: 

1.  There are good lakes to swim during the summer.

2. Patisserie is very good quality which it is not ideal when trying to watch your weight.

3. There are plenty of natural spas, swimming pools and wellness centers, therefore prices are very affordable and you are not considered posh if you are a regular visitor.

4. Classic music is not an eccentric pleasure so going to concerts is not that expensive so I can go very often.

5. The terrific view of Budapest from any of its bridges.

6. Health care system is quite good compare to other countries I have lived in.

7. Finding well-educated people is not impossible mission and having an intellectual conversation is not hard. Well, it is not that hard if you manage to understand the well-educated-Hungarian-idioms that person might use, so at the end it can be a real challenge and you might not enjoy it at all.

I guess that´s enough for today. “See you” next time 😉

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