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5 Things I envy of single couples

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I was not the type of person who believe that my neighbor has less problems that I do and I never compared myself to other people but since I became a mother… everything changed. I have surprised myself -more often than I would like to reckon- comparing my current life with my life as a woman without a baby… and my dear single people, I’m sorry to say this but I DO ENVY YOU.

I envy you because you can have a shower/bath whenever you want and for as long as you want.
I envy you because your clothes don’t smell like milk, baby food, crackers, snot or poo.
I envy you because you don’t Sigue leyendo


Hungarian mums

Not long ago a good friend of mine asked me “why don’t you write a post about what Hungarian mums are like”. I told her “like in any other country is more about individuals rather than nationalities.” I mean, everybody is different and every mum has her own way of bringing up her children. However, it may be true that we can  find some common behavior (about anything) when we are talking about people from the same community, age, education level, etc.   So I decided to make this small post about some things I have seen here in Budapest regarding social expectations about mothers and some common Sigue leyendoTe puede gustar también:


Going back to work after maternity leave

I have already mentioned in this blog that the maternity leave in Hungary (you can read more about it here) can be taken up to three years. There are, of course, some financial and career disadvantages to take in to account if you decide to take it for so long. Some women need to go back to work after six months because either they cannot afford to stay for longer or they know they may lose their job or current position (even if this is “against the law”). Other women prefer to take the whole 3 years “off” or even decide to have a second child during the their maternity leave.


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