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Mother´s Day in Hungary

Everybody says time goes fast with a new born and yes, it is true, time really flies once you have a baby.  It is unbelievable that I have been a mother for six months already! Yesterday I celebrated my first Mother’s Day in Hungray and I must say it was quite strange to celebrate Mother’s Day without my mum, in all these years I have been abroad I never celebrated it before. Well I might be lying… I am sure I celebrated it before with my mother-in-law or with my own grandmother but honestly, I did not pay attention to the celebration itself.  This time was different, it was my first day as the main character.

I cannot speak for all Hungarian families but my husband’s family gathered for lunch at one of the grandmother’s house and ordered pizza so none of the invited mothers had to cook.   We brought salad and some dessert. We had some wine, a nice chat and everybody enjoyed themselves. It was more or less a regular Mother’s Day -I mean, it was similar to the way we celebrate it in Venezuela- except for the way they give presents.  I pointed out the differences for you:

  • The presents were flowers or decorative plants, not handbags or spa voucher, or a mixer, etc.
  • The moment of giving the presents is always and in every occasion handled as a big thing (at least in my husband’s family) everyone stands up and one by one give the present to the celebrated ones. Sometimes they even recite a poem.
  • Mothers did not congratulated between each other. They only were congratulated by their own children or  grandchildren.

We did have a good time! I wanted to share with you my Mother´s Day present so I took a picture of my “working place” as cook and blogger.  So you can know a little bit more about me. How do you like my plant? I think I got a beautiful one!

mother's day virag english


What have been your best Mother´s Day present ever? When do you celebrate Mother´s Day in your country?

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