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My baby is not that little anymore

I think I have said this before: I never believe time could go so fast with a baby and I am very grateful to be able to be a full time mother. Despite all my fears of stopping working and stay at home with my baby girl, I must say that I have never been so happy before. I know… I have become a cliché  and it must be revolting reading me right now if you don´t have any kids or if you are career-oriented woman. I see your point, I take that and I kind of agree with you, but if you have kids you may reckon that it´s great to have them around.

My baby-girl is now 6 months old and I think she is huge, well… she is actually totally normal for her age, but she was so tiny when she born that it´s hard to believe that she has doubled her size in such a short period of time. I have already put away half of her clothes because they don´t fit her anymore. Like any other mother I am extremely proud of her and I think she is the cutest baby in the World.  I wish I could share a picture of her with you but I prefer to keep her away from my blogger world. Maybe one day I will dare to show her on public. In the meantime I will try to describe her: she is above 6,6 kg. and 63 cm., she has black hair (she born with plenty of hair), she has well defined features, her eyes, hair and smile attract a lot of attention over here. I suppose it is because not many babies born with hair in this country, on top of that she has a light color skin (but not completely white) and very dark eyes which is not common in Hungary at all.

Images from Pinterest, no copyright mentioned.

Images from Pinterest, no copyright mentioned.

My baby-girl is a very well-behaved baby, active, loving and very playful.  She loves cuddling, flicking through books, watching the rain and imitating the sounds she hears. She loves all kind of music. She really enjoys dancing in her father´s arms or watching me doing some sort of choreography I come up with to entertain her when nothing else seems to work out.  She laughs loud to show she is pleased with things. She makes “pushing sounds” when she is pooing and gets very upset if you don´t change her nappy as soon as she has finished. She is not very patient when hunger strikes her and likes very much her bath time. She gets super happy when she realizes we are going out but does not like the wind at all. I think she prefers the hot weather than the cold and I believe she will be a “summer person” like her father. She shows interest when we are eating and always open her mouth (imitating what we do) in case we decide to share our lunch with her, so hopefully she will not be a fussy eater (I know… you never know…it´s only wishful thinking). She is more than I can tell in words and much better than I though “a baby of your own” will be. I am deeply thankful to life for having her, thankful to her for have chosen us as her parents and I promised to be there for her as long as God wants me to be around and always do my best to look after her and support her.

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