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A new life, a new hope

To all moms to be and new moms

I got two fantastic news this morning! Two new healthy babies have arrived to our world! One baby girl arrived yesterday and one baby boy early this morning. Their mothers (my friends) are fine and these two cute little things are just about to start getting used to our world. I could not help remembering how exciting and scary was being on labor, seeing my baby for the first time, holding her and breastfeeding her for the very first time.

My daughter came to this world after a healthy pregnancy and only two days before my due date. It was a very sunny Monday morning. I was exhausted, sleepy and tired after one night without sleep, the strong labor pains and the stress of an emergency C-section but I do remember my heart beating extremely fast when I heard her cry and called out her name. I remember her father coming back to the operation theater with our little bunny wrapped in a towel and our doula taking a picture of the three of us.

Right after that, my husband leaved the room to take our baby to all the mandatory check-ups, in the main time doctors and nurses where “putting me together” and talking about work-related-gossips, sharing their news after the weekend, just like nothing extraordinary happened. Even if it is painful to say it, there was nothing extraordinary in my daughter´s birth, to them it was only another successful c-section procedure, a good way to start a Monday. I must reckon that listening to the medical team talking about their personal life, TV series and internal issues while they were sticking me up… made me feel a little bit sad, gave me the feeling of having a weird dream but it also reassured me that I was fine. I thought: if I am not the topic, there is nothing wrong with me. I vaguely remember hearing a woman´s voice telling me: “Right mum, we are done here!, you should rest now”. I said “thank you” and then a strong man helped me in to another bed and after that….a big black out.


The next thing I remember is my doula waking me up (they told me I slept for two hours) with a hot fruity tea and asking me if I was a ready to meet my daughter. She helped me to nurse her for the first time and my husband (happier as I have ever seen him) taking pictures of us. Despite the pain and discomfort after the surgery, my whole body and soul were smiling. I was thankful to life for having the chance of being a mother and I couldn’t wait to take the new step in this exciting journey. The most beautiful, challenging and demanding one: Motherhood.  

The postpartum depression came more than two weeks after the birth but we are not going to talk about it, at least not today.

What did you think just after delivery or C-section?  Did you feel the same with your second or third child?

Images in this post were taken from Internet: 

Nursing Mother by Paula Modersohn-Becker.

No credits found for the other two pictures. Please let me know if you consider I should not show these images. 

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