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Tooth Fairy in Hungary

A few months before getting pregnant I had a scheduled appointment with my dentist to pull out my wisdom tooth. It was coming out in a painful way and ruining my perfect smile. Unfortunately I had a very stupid accident (never run in high heels after a tram) and I broke some small bones in my left foot. I had to wear a soft plaster and spent several weeks at home without being able to go to work or anywhere on my own.  I was asked to take some anticoagulant drugs to prevent thrombosis, which seems to be a very common side effect of broken bones in lower limbs. So when I called my dentist to ask her if she could still carry out the procedure, her answer was: “no, we need to wait until you make complete recovery, I cannot give you anesthetic when there is a thrombosis risk.”

raton perez y tooth fairy collage

I spent weeks with duplicate pain due to the tooth and the fracture and trying to forget about my bad luck so I put nearly 5 extra kilos on because of the lack of physical activity (I guess I ate too much as well, right?). By the end of January 2012, I was completely recovered  and very happy about getting my tooth pulled out, start a diet and going back to do sports. Then Murphy´s  Law played a trick  on me… my dentist got sick and postpone all her appointments for a month.  In the meantime I got pregnant so my tooth and the extra kilos stayed with me for another year.

I could have had my tooth removed without anesthesia during my pregnancy but I was not keen on that option. Only yesterday was I brave enough to get this tooth finally out of my mouth and I was nicely surprised with how smoothly things went. It did not not hurt (I got local anesthesia, a type which allows you to safely breastfeed after the shot), it was a clean and fast tooth extraction. I rushed myself home to see my baby (I was only 2 hours away from her but I did miss her a lot) and to show off my bravery with husband.

Once at home, I proudly showed my tooth to my husband and told him I would like to take a picture of it and send it to my mother, so the Tooth Fairy (Raton Pérez for the Hispanic world) could send me a present.  Mr. Choki did not find cute my idea and instead of smiling at my childish thought, he was looking at me with poker face.  So I realized that Mrs. Tooth Fairy in Hungary might not exist. When I asked Mr. Choki about it, he said that he has heard about it in movies but they do not do it at home.  I told him how much I like this tradition and since he is open to new things, he agreed on welcoming this tradition into our multicultural family.

What about your family?  Does the Tooth Fairy visit your family? What do they bring to your kids?


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2 Responses
  • Oh, you poor thing! Sometimes things just happen this way, one piece of bad luck after another. Glad you finally got that tooth out! I am from the US, so we did have the Tooth Fairy. Each time I lost a tooth, I got a quarter. I am the fourth child in my family, however, and was late to lose my teeth, so I don’t remember a time when I didn’t know that it was really my parents leaving me the money. Our sons are too young for the Tooth Fairy, but I definitely want to keep up the tradition when the time comes! Thank you for linking up at the Culture Swapper!

    • madrexilio
      junio 29, 2013

      It is my pleasure 🙂 Thank you very much for sharing your experience with me.
      Have a great weekend!

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