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What I gained and what I lost with pregnancy

Important: this it is not a dramatic post. Smile!

If you have kids and they are over 5 years old, pregnancy must sound like something distant in time, a beautiful memory immortalized in those nice pictures you took to remember how you looked like when you were expecting.  Since my baby is only 6 moths old (nearly 7) and I´m still fighting to lose the baby-belly fat, you might understand that talking about pregnancy it is still a topic for me 🙂 Moreover, some of my friends are pregnant for their first time right now and talking to them got me inspired to write about what I learned through my child-bearing experience.

I believe we all agree on the fact that any woman will be never the same after pregnancy. However, each woman experiences her own body changes and her own emotional roller-coaster in a different way. Here you go my insights…

What I gained with pregnancy (besides the extra weight):

  • A better butt: I love this! I always had a flat one so this is really cool.
  • Self-confidence: I never had any health issues during my pregnancy so it gave me a sense of self-efficiency I never experienced before.
  • A lower abdominal scar. It´s not too bad but since I had an emergency C-section the scar it´s not as small as the scar of scheduled one.
  • Respect for all woman who are able to give birth at home without epidural injection.
  • Repulsion to the smell cigarettes.
  • Better understanding of the miracle of life 🙂
mujer embarazada

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What I lost with pregnancy (besides my freedom):

  • Full control of my body: I am about to get it back with my intensive diet & training program 🙂
  • The innocence:  I don´t believe anymore that the expecting months are the best time of your life. I´m not the type of woman who miss the belly after giving birth of who miss feeling the baby kicking on her ribs.
  • Interest in sex: yes, I know… it sounds very sad. Before being pregnant I used to enjoy sex a lot. Hopefully “the thing” will come back one day.

If you are expecting for the first time or planning to do so, you don´t need to worry, everybody is different and I do not need to tell you that being a mother is the best thing ever happened to me.  If you are already an experienced mum I would love to hear your experience too.

Thank you for reading me. Read you soon 🙂

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